Orian-Mehroj Rashidov
Business history
2015. Founder and chairman of the Association of Young Leaders “TOP TEAM”
2016. Founder and leader of the sport project “Street Workout Uzbekistan”
2017. Co-founder and leader of the Employment Project for disabled people “Ultra Bag Star”
2017. In the framework of the international program of the European Union AGROCOMP, he improved his skills and was awarded with a certificate.
2017. Awarded with a certificate under the UNDP Export Development Program.
2018. Founder and leader of the international startup project Smart Road Solutions
2018. Member of the Moscow International Business Club
2018. Awarded with a certificate by JICA for participating in UJC leadership and HR skills course.
2019. Member of the Advisory Council on Civil Society Development of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan
2019. Head of the Center for Youth Entrepreneurship Support of the Republic of Uzbekistan
2019. Member of the Central Asian Business Association
2020. Awarded as the “Best Exemplary Organizer” at the “Young Personnel in Reform” Summit.
2020. Organizer of the “Step into Business” project
2020. Organizer of the Central Asian Business Forum SA20
2020. Organizer of the online workshop “Business Journalism”
2020. Organizer of the project “Young Hero Entrepreneur”
2020. Organizer of the international project “Online Grabli Night”
2020. Organized a 3-month free web-programming course in collaboration with Data Learning Center.
2020. Organizer of the project “Business Idea Box”
2020. Organizer of the International event “Entrepreneur” in Bishkek
2020. Co-organizer and member of the Law on Startups
2020. Organizer of the roundtable discussion with Mattias Wangler, a representative of the German Cash Association
2020. Organizer of the seminar “I want to be”
2020. Organizer of the “1%” interview project
2020. Co-organizer of the roundtable discussion and interview with the founder of the video game “Angry Birds”
2020. Organizer of an international forum with U.S. venture capitalist Ramesh Harides and young uzbek entrepreneurs, as well as, start-upers.
2020. Founder of the Ambassador project.
2020. Board member and co-organizer of the Startup Initiatives project.
2020. Board member and co-organizer of the international project “COVID-19”
2020. Organizer of the charity project “Support for the needy”
2020. Organizer of the online consultation “Legal aspects of business”
2020. Organizer of an open conversation and free consultation with the head of the US company Intelliboard
2020. Organizer of the “Best Souvenir” crafts competition
2020. Co-founder of Digital Entrepreneurship Startups Accelerator in partnership with Alibaba
2020. Founder and head of the staff of translators of the business book “Antistartap”
2020. Member and co-founder of “Go Global” International Venture Investors and Mentors Association
2020. Co-founder and board member of Unicorns Venture Fund and Business Accelerator

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